[solved] loosing whonix connectivity (whonix-gw-16)

My whonix-gw-16 looses connectivity after an hour or so of running.

For trouble shooting I’ve run

sudo apt update
whonix | less
sudo journalctl -b
sdwate log viewer (via whonix-control-panel)


Troubleshooting - Whonix

and read various threads here in this forum (“whonix-gw freezes” and so forth).

However foramentioned log-files haven’t provided much of a clue to me so far.

Maybe the uplink breaks… I do use obfs4 bridges… can someone with more experience (or the same issues) give me a little guidance on debugging.

I have the same issue with bridges sometimes and have to restart tor in sys-whonix and after reconnect it works again.
I guess it’s just a bridge problem.

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The whonix troubleshooting guide is mentioning the bridges as a source of connectivity issues, too.

I will keep open

journalctl -f

and update this post in case I am able to catch a promising output.

[timestamp] host vanguards[787]: WARNING[timestamp]: We've been disconnected from the Tor network for 15 seconds!

shows up in the journal and it gets a new warning every 15 seconds. That isn’t elaborating why, but as you said, restarting Tor in sys-shonix helps.