[SOLVED] Appearance issue with style and window manager

I’ve freshly installed qubes on another system.
Set my theme to ‘Adwaita-dark’ in ‘Appearance’.
Set my style to ‘Bluebird’ in ‘Window Manager’.

For some reason, every time i boot into qubes, i have to run:
xfce4-panel -r
To restart the panel to get the theme working. This issue does not occur on my other qubes machine.

Also, the title bars of the windows seem to have opacity set somewhere whereas on the other machine with the same theme settings there is no opacity.
Additionally, i can’t fullscreen my Windows 10 machine, whereas on the other machine it fullscreen’s fine by right-clicking on the title bar, fullscreen.

Any ideas?

Did you set Windows display resolution to the same value as your dom0 display resolution?

Thanks, that fixed that issue for Windows!
Now just the appearance/theme issues remain for qubes.

Try creating those two files in dom0, just like mentioned in the debian section of the guide linked in my reply.

And solved thanks! That’s everything solved.