[SOLD] I am selling HP Elite-desk 800 G5 Desktop mini

Good evening everyone,

I am selling one of my mini’s it is a…
HP Elite-desk 800 G5 Desktop mini

installed cpu= i7 9700 / will support i9-9900
installed mem= 32 GB ddr4 / max mem is 64 GB ddr4
65w mobo
200w power supply
Vented top cover, came this way from HP…

I removed the “WiFi” card but do have it and will ship with it. Reason removed was for “security reasons”. Not into wireless

Also this mini is HP bigger one as it has the “Full copper” dual fan heat sinks. Which can run a
i9 9900. As I already have, and Qubes runs AWESOME…
4.2.1 / 6.6.29-1

So I decom’ed it today and removed the NVME’s…

Reason I am selling it, well it is just sitting here next to my (Daily Driver Qube).

Asking $500 + shipping

Please PM me for more details and pictures

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The mini has sold!!

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I updated the title to indicate that the item has been sold.

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Sorry I forgot to do that, wanted to get it out to them, Thank you

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