Software to graphically map Qubes configuration

Does anyone have any recommendations for an application to visually map VM connections, networks and general Qubes configuration? Linux. Open source. Free would be nice but I don’t want to be selfish.

I’m looking for something graphical but with options to include extensive notes and references within the GUI. Mind maps tend to be too simplistic. Ontology maps tend to be too semantic but might work for detailed VM template descriptions.

My goal is to have a comprehensive graphical map of my Qubes setup that allows me to quickly access information about specific elements (including setup guides and detailed configuration info)

I did a bit of research and found a couple of possibilities.

Something like this ?

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That’s a nice tool but not quite what I had in mind.

I want to map all kinds of Qube configurations and workflows (not just networks) - including vault, sys-sub and other network-isolated VMs with graphically unique connections to represent, for example, USB passthrough, inter-VM filecopy, split-GPG, split KeePass and other types of “hidden” VM-connectivity - as well as various dom0-domU functionality. Ideally, something with nodes that graphically expand to include more info (ex. a short list of installed software on a given VM). It’s also important to store detailed configuration notes for each VM and inter-VM connection.

Obviously, I would need to manually create such a map because it would include workflow connections. Doing it in Inkscape or LibreOffice is very tedious and only results in an image. I need something interactive that allows easy node-link creation, similar to mind map software - but with more options to embed detailed information.

So far, yEd Graph Editor is the best prospect.

I was just wondering if other Qubes users have any favorite tools.

[edit: I just checked the pricing for yEd graph editor. :open_mouth: It’s a development platform priced in the tens of thousands of dollars. That’s not gonna work.]

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