So just waiting for new server to come in and a few questions

What’s up guys.
So qubeless most for this week (SUCKS) while waiting for my BEAST to arrive and I have few questions and search results gave me nothing!!

1.) Does qubes OS support or will soon the ability to “hot swap” nvme cards? The beast I have coming I has a PCIe card installed with this ability to do it.

2.) While I have both 2.0,3.0 USB’s. My new server also has a “Thunderbolt” 3.1 card USB-C.
Does Qubes OS have this ability yet to utilize USB-C?

3.) On the chassis I have 2 section bay’s for SSD’s. The first section is setup for non-hot swapable SSD’s but the other section has the bay setup with 4 “hot swappable” 2.5 SSD’s. So my question is how well if at all will qubes OS handle these 2.5 hot swappable SSD’s? Or should I just leave them in. The intergated Raid controller Hardware on MOBO controls these features for both bays. Each has it’s own interface to hardware controller (0,1).

As for Raid, I have intergated Hardware on MOBO. Will more then likely stay Raid 0, maybe Raid 10, don’t know yet.

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