Snaps and Flatpaks - Problems and Choices

The Snaps are constantly demounting after every boot and I havent found a solution that doesnt require some tweaking on every boot. My only thought now is to download the demounted snaps into the template, which would require giving network access. but hopefully someone finally responds and can help.

The other solution i saw someone post about in another post here was about Flatpaks done by Qube Apps: a Flatpak-based app store for each qube. I have limited knowledge and the instructions on github dont seem 100% clear to me, but im thinking to attempt it as snaps i cant find a good solution for.

Can anyone recommend a way to fix the demounting snaps solution in a way someone with limited knowledge can understand? or advise for or against the Flatpak way that Micah Lee built.

TBH Micah Lee says its under 400 lines of code and was easy to build, not sure why Qubes OS doesnt just offer this. would solve alot of problems. Unless Snaps are considered better than Flatpaks? Ive seen some say flatpak is better and Keypass tweeted recently they would be moving away from snaps.

Hope someone can help shed some light. Thanks for your help.

Just scroll down to the comments here you will find a good step-by-step explanation. :wink:

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