Snap telegram-desktop image problem [Q4.0.4]

Latest kernel update must have had something funny in it regarding the telegram snap 2.7.1-12, when i try to watch an image in telegram full screen it wobbles up and down fast.
The VM is based on fedora 32.

I do not experience this problem on a bare metal ubuntu mate desktop on some notebook.
I am guessing it has something todo with default the grafix card drivers for the overpowered rx480 (i use many monitors :smiley:

There were no Hardware changes since ages. Everything else displays just fine, just telegram picture full screen wobbles.

xrandr shows for each monitor the same,
1920x1080 60.0*+ 50.00 59.94

Found this Fullscreen image / movie do not stand still · Issue #10599 · telegramdesktop/tdesktop · GitHub but how do i apply to xfce?

Have you considered installing telegram-desktop through the packages manager on a debian-based qube? They have instuctions for adding their debian repository on their website.

Using Fedora and if you check the version the packet manager offers you will see why you wouldn’t want to.
I do not have the RAM right now to check out Debian hosts. Would have to switch everything over to Debian for that.
Looking forward to switch to Q4.1 and rethink/redo my whole setup in peace on a new machine while this one keeps going till i am settled.

Prepare for allot of more questions soon from me.

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Since i am still waiting on parts, installed 2.6.1 via dnf on fedora 33 and no problems with pictures.
Then the update to telegra-desktop 2.7.1 come in via dnf, same problem now.
Judging from the github Issues i believe it has something to do with the window manager but that is above my Head.
I need the machine working or i would try switching to another window manager.

Thought i had tested this before but turns out that if the APP VM is in full screen ALT+F11 mode the problem goes away.
Also if you click on the APP VM window that is showing the tg fullscreen image and move it, it auto snaps back and stops wobbling.

The latest updates from 2 days ago took care of the problem. Thanks.

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