Smartctl / smartmontools in AppVM with USB disk drive


does anyone know what device option to use, when you want to check your usb disk drive with smartctl in an AppVM?
The device itself works fine, but i want to read the health status and trigger a device self test.
I tried all
smartctl -a /dev/xvdi -d options
but unfortunately none were able to recognize the device.
It’s a common western digital elements usb device.

It should work if your VM has a physical USB controller and it seen as an /dev/sdX device and not a virtual one. Passing the device in via Qubes Device (applet or qvm-block) commands will not pass through the proper control sequences back to the physical drive so it will not ever see the s.m.a.r.t commands. It works just fine for me in sys-usb to test drives for backups, etc.