Slow resume on T480? Or sys-usb issues?

Hi everyone!
I finally got my Lenovo Thinkpad T480 (with 32GB RAM :smiley: ) and was happy to get R4.1 installed and running without problems… more or less …

First I was just happy suspend/resume works, but then I realized that resume takes quiet long, roundabout 10-15sec till lockscreen input appears, compared to my T440s which takes 0-3sec. I wonder whats the reason? When qubes is unlocked then, the screen is flooded with messages of sys-usb about all the devices that got “connected”… “again”, because all devices were connected when suspending. Never saw that on resume in R4.0 on the T440s, but without using sys-usb. Is that maybe related to the slow resume?

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Check dmesg and xl dmesg in dom0 after resume for any suspicious messages.

xl dmesg showed some strange CPU0-X errors and suspent/resume times about 15-25sec. till done. Because of the CPU-relation I disabled Hyperthreading in BIOS even though I checked the xen parameter to disable HT is set. BANG, it works! Resume now takes 0-3 sec. as expected and I have the impression boot takes less time too.

That means, disabling hyperthreading only thru xen (smt=off) is NOT enough or doesn’t work. Maybe that is also a cause for the problems with suspend/resume on other processors like Ryzen and Intel gen 10+ (like Screen does not wake up after resume (AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 4750U) · Issue #6923 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub)?

Regarding USB i cant see any suspicious messages, so still all devices get (re)connected on resume. I know that this is some how “logical” to happen, but not shouldn’t that be handled better?

I saw minor glitches at LUKS password input and when the mouse pointer changes (like arrow to resize). Saw that on the X1 Carbon G9 too (intel gen 11)?!