Since update, Qubes crashes right after login, desperate need for help

Hi, I have a major problem. My Qubes has become not usable since I updated dom0.

I can enter the decrytion password like normal. The user log in also works normally. But after I log in, I can only use the mouse for a second or so, before the computer shuts down (crashes) and reboots automatically. It literally only runs seconds.

The only error message is, before GRUB appears:

Error: file ‘/EFI/qubes/fonts/unicode.pf2’ not found.

This message has never appeared before, and the computer worked like a charm for months before now.

I’m in desperate need for help, as I really need to use this device.

EDIT: I had a continuing issue before, which I fixed by entering “x2apic=false” in the GRUB menu when booting, I’m still doing this.

That is a “red herring”. Like @deceiver linked above, the error appears when a series of Fedora versions boot, and as far as I can tell, it doesn’t actually cause trouble in a standard Qubes OS installation.

Whatever is happening @sn2kz, the missing font is very likely not the cause.

Maybe, but the fix in my link is at minimum worth
a try. Could lead OP in the right direction,
depending on what happens next.