SIM card vs anonymity?

Hello everyone.

I have a machine that allows the incorporation of a SIM card.

For some activities, I plan to use Whonix.

Will we be able to identify these “Whonix activities” because of this embedded SIM card?

Of course they will be able to know my geographical area, by tracking the antennas that communicate with my SIM card.

I put myself in the shoes of the police who are watching us: they must surely notice that we are exchanging encrypted content, right? Can they know it’s from Qubes or Whonix? Can they know it’s from “my” qubes, “my” whonix or “my” machine?

you use tor bridge so it more difficult know that

yes, they might know you use whonix but not qubes os if you use whonix long enough

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They would know you’re using Qubes when your machine downloads updates. So if you’re paranoid, your updates should be set to come over Tor.


They can know your are using Qubes:

i expect in this case, our adversary is “police”, not intelligent agency
(at least in my country) police not always good at security

This is not about security but getting your screen size. It shouldn’t be hard.