Shutting down sys-firewall

I just shutdown sys-firewall + all that relied on it (sys-net, whonix). I wanted to colour scheme my qubes a little differently. Was it safe to shut those qubes down? Specifically sys-firewall

it’s safe, but what make you thing it doesn’t safe ?

No particular reason, I just wanted to make sure. I wasnt quite sure if sys-firewall was something that helped with isolation of the qubes

It’s just the firewall qube, but…

If you want to shutdown/restart a qube (which is in the middle of the usual qubes chain) without risking other qubes would shutdown also, you simply can:

  • open Qubes manager
  • right click the qube(s) which have the qube (which should be restart/shutdown+start) as netVM → choose “netVM” and change this entry to “none”
  • after shutdown/restart is done, just reverse the settings to the old status…

Should be working on all 4.1