Should I use U2F proxy for KeePassXC or just attach my Yubikey to my vault qube?


I recently got myself a Yubikey (well, two) and I only intend to use it with KeePassXC, I’m not intending to log into any online services with it.

I looked through the U2F proxy documentation here: U2F proxy | Qubes OS and got the impression that U2F proxy is intended for browser interaction and not yet appropriate for using with KeePassXC or other offline apps inside a vault qube. Did I interpret that right?

Alright, after revisiting this with a marginally clearer head I now realize that U2F is the name of an actual standard, a standard that KeePass XC does not (and cannot) support. Therefore it should have been fairly obvious U2F proxy isn’t going to work and I should attach the Yubikey to my vault.

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