Should I use MAC address Spoofing?

My question is about whether it makes sense to use MAC address spoofing in my use case Qubes-Whonix OS.
To connect to the Internet I use a modem with a SIM card, which distributes the Internet only for my laptop. No one else has access to this Wi-Fi network.
Does it make sense for me to set up MAC address spoofing if I am the only client of the Wi-Fi network? Thanks

It depends on your personal threat model

I think the main question you would like to know the answer to is “can your MAC address be seen and if so can your network traffic be identified?”

are you totally sure? (hint: you can never sure unless your wifi is limited range using a faraday bag)

in previous question, if yes, then only thing left is trusting the isp and the device you use as “modem”
if no, then yes, you still need to spoof your mac

MAC randomization is useful when you are connecting your device to other networks. It can afford you more anonymity on public access points. It would allow you to connect to the same cafe wifi without being recognized as a previous user.

However, when connecting to you own network, a consistent MAC address can be more secure because it allows you to configure your personal network to only allow your MAC address. If it’s always random, then it’s possible that other random users could connect to your network.

So for mobile devices that also have a home base, a combination of random and stable is probably best.

If you are the only one using your cellular modem, check if the modem can be configured to only allow your MAC address for connections. If you decide to use another WiFi network, you might consider randomizing your MAC address to decouple your identity from the address known by your cell provider.