Should I reboot QubesOS after updating?

After updating, when I look at Qubes Domains I see a mark next to the name of the updated qubes, should I restart QubesOS for this?

Full reboot is the easiest way.

In both Qubes Domains and Qube Manager you can hover the mouse cursor over the icon next to the name of the qube for more explanation of what it means.

Personally, this is how I interpret these images:
image - The template the qube is based on is still running and the template needs to be shutdown. For example, after you install new software into a template.

After shutting down the template, the image will become green:

image - the app qube needs to be restarted to utilize the changes made in the template.

With the new Qubes 4.1 disposable service qubes for sys-usb and sys-net, I have not seen these icons appear next to them. Nor have I seen these icons appear for dom0. If the template a disposable qube is based on updates, you need to remember to restart the disposable qube. If the Qubes Update tool runs and the “Details” section contains anything for dom0, I perform a full reboot.

For a simple workflow, you might manually run updates for all the templates. Check “Enable updates for qubes without known available updates” in Qubes Update and then manually tick each box next to the templates. Click “Next” and allow the updates to proceed. Check what changed with the “Details” button. Then reboot.


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You generally have to reboot dom0 only after Xen and kernel updates. Template-based qubes should be restarted after their parent templates have been updated and shut down.

If you are not sure, if a reboot is required, just run this command in the Dom0-Terminal:

[user@dom0 ~]$ needs-restarting -r
Core libraries or services have been updated since boot-up:
  * kernel

Reboot is required to fully utilize these updates.
More information:

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