Setup Social Media

Hey guys :slightly_smiling_face: , I just to discuss on how you setup your social media account on Qubes (Twitter, Instagram …), I know we should avoid them but in case we should use them how did you manage you’re setup (Firewall, desktop app, browser…)

Sometimes i need to access twitter, just open tor browser in whonix-dvm and access https://twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion/

I don’t use any other ‘social media’ except for gathering information or asking a question, real life is a good place for h2h topic.

What is the .onion link for real life?

use mask and make sure you use Guy Fawkes mask, it makes you have Anti-Face fingerprints.

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I have so little trust in social media that I use Tails for this purpose instead… That said, if I were to set up a social media qube I’d make it as unique and as orthogonal to the rest of my setup as possible.

  • Browser qube- go obscure (palemoon, etc…) with the browser, configure with settings that you’d never use elsewhere, visit panopticlick repeatedly until you’re satisfied that it looks nothing like your regular browsers. For example, download some weird fonts and make them accessible via javascript, give javascript full access. Use an addon, like canvasblocker, to help make the fingerprint unique. I’d even go as far as using a different OS in the template for the VM or the standalone.

  • Network qube- use qubes-tunnel with a vpn service you do not use for anything else. set it up with a socks5 proxy and then set the firewall of your browsing qube to only allow access to the proxy IP (which should also be set in the browser).

I imagine there’s more one could do, but I haven’t tried this myself since I prefer my daily driver to be free from social media. The idea is to present a consistent picture that appears to be you, but could not be reasonably connected to the rest of your online life.

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Why just not use Trace addon for obscuring with a few others to obscure using addons.

Although I admit HTTP Useragent Cleaner was the most powerful addon I have ever seen, but abandoned when E10S was introduced (still can be used with Basilisk as far as I know). The most powerfull thing lies on Side tab and it is not explained in the article at all.

Amazing setup