Settings app won't open on Fedora 39 template (trying to enable dark mode)

I’ve added the Settings app to the “applications shown in App menu” but when I try to open it, it never opens. I’m trying to switch to the built-in dark theme.

Do you have fedora-39 or fedora-39-xfce template?
Settings Manager works for me in fedora-39-xfce.

I opened cat /etc/system-release and it says “Fedora release 39 (Thirty Nine)” so I don’t think it’s the XFCE version. Any ideas how I could get Settings app to work?

What’s the output of this command in your template?

dnf list installed | grep xfce
[user@work ~]$ dnf list installed | grep xfce
libxfce4ui.x86_64                              4.18.6-1.fc39                   @updates                              
libxfce4util.x86_64                            4.18.2-1.fc39                   @updates                              
xfce4-notifyd.x86_64                           0.8.2-2.fc39                    @fedora                               
xfce4-panel.x86_64                             4.18.6-1.fc39                   @updates                              
[user@work ~]$ 

Then it seems you’re using Gnome template fedora-39.
I don’t have one to test, but you can try to open Settings from terminal using this command:


I got this output:

[user@work ~]$ gnome-control-center
Running gnome-control-center is only supported under GNOME and Unity, exiting
[user@work ~]$ 

I guess it’s a bug with fedora templates:

It works for me on debian template with gnome.

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This works for me.

Install the Adwaita theme in the template
sudo dnf install adw-gtk3-theme

Switch the gtk-4.0 theme in the vm

mv ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css.bak
cp /usr/share/themes/adw-gtk3-dark/gtk-4.0/gtk.css ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css
cat ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css.bak >> ~/.config/gtk-4.0/gtk.css

Select the theme in the vm

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.wm.preferences theme "adw-gtk3-dark"
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme "adw-gtk3-dark"