Setting up USB microphone on Windows 10?

I have a windows 10 HVM and I want to connect a USB microphone to it. Currently I have audio after giving it an audio channel but I’m not sure how I could connect a microphone. The microphone is just a plug and play USB mic.

How would I go about doing that.

You can attach the USB mic to your Windows HVM directly.
You’ll need to enable Windows USB integration for your HVM:

You don’t need to update with current-testing, you just need to enable feature for your Windows qube in dom0 terminal:
qvm-features [windows qube] stubdom-qrexec 1

I figured out how to connect USB devices to a VM is the same with USB Microphones(Duh).
Analog is even easier, all you have to do connect the audio input to the VM from Qubes devices, so no need for any commands at all.