Setting up u2f

I want to set up support for u2f keys. When I go to the qubes general config, USB tab, it says I need to install qubes-u2f in the template that the sys-usb is based on. Unfortunately, I took the default on installing Qubes, and my sys-usb is based on default_dvm, so it looks like nothing I install in default_dvm will persist.

It looks like I can’t just switch the template for sys-usb. I suspect I need to delete and recreate it. I am hesitant to try this for fear that I’ll lose access to the computer. Has anyone gone through this and can they explain what I need to do?

The disposable template itself is based on a persistent template. default-dvm should be based on fedora-38-xfce by default (check in Qubes Manager to be sure), so you need to install the package there.

On a related note, during install there is an option set to “make sys-firewall and sys-usb disposable”. Is there a reason they have to be set together to the same value? If not, why aren’t there separate check boxes?

Also, it would be handy to have some help available in setup to describe the options and how they impact later use of the system.

Thanks. I’m using a debian template. I’ll install there.