Setting up thinkfan: need help creating YAML config file

Hello. I would relaly appreciate if anyone could help me to create a YAML config file for when thinkfan changes with reboots…
I tried setting it up, but did not get it to work fully…
I had to manually echo a thinkfan speed, but that lasted for a minute maybe…

I’m not a coder, and having issues setting it up.
If anyone could set up a yaml config file where i just have to use:
find /sys/devices -type f -name "temp_input"*

And change some parameters that would be great!
I use hwmon.
Would really appreciate some nice guide… I can get .conf to work sometimes, but when it changes the number on startup i have issues.
I need to backup and save a config file that works so i can avoid this problem and set it up easy.

Hi @bmqbmhhslj, is this in any way Qubes-specific? For example, would this question be as adequate to post in any other forum concerning linux? If so, there may be better venues to ask that question.

Also, I’ve tweaked the title a bit to make it shorter and more direct. I hope you don’t mind.

True. And no, it’s not Qubes specific… ok, thanks.

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