Set longer Xen Prompt time

How is this possible to set prompt time longer?

do you mean by grub menu where you can choose which kernel config you want to load ?
it’s depend on your system, are you using efi / grub? you can change the grub_timeout value to 0 if you want to skip.

No. I mean the system prompts from dom0 in the os. Like if i access keyring with split gpg the prompt is only a part of a second there.

from here : qubes-app-linux-split-gpg/qubes.Gpg.service at master · QubesOS/qubes-app-linux-split-gpg · GitHub

edit the qubes.Gpg.service file and find in this line :

notify-send "Keyring access from domain: $QREXEC_REMOTE_DOMAIN" --expire-time=1000 </dev/null >/dev/null 2>/dev/null &
/usr/lib/qubes-gpg-split/gpg-server /usr/bin/gpg2 $QREXEC_REMOTE_DOMAIN

try increasing --expire-time=(1000 is equal to 1s)

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