Session Chat - Support Channel

Does QubesOS/Xen have a technical support channel on Session Messenger?

Not that I know of.

Not that I know of either. Certainly not an official one, as that would be listed on this page:


I found a recently created public session group for Qubes OS, with maybe one member who is also in this forum, but it’s a general chat about Qubes, not specifically for support issues. It’s also a group in search of a moderator, so may cease to exist within a few months according to the host. From the original post one month ago:

Hello World! :earth_africa:
This Session Community has been created on request by someone from the Linux Community. CosmicNation only hosts the community. A admin/moderator is still needed. If no admin/moderator steps forward in the coming 4 months this community will be deleted.

An official Session support channel would be great complement to this forum (at least for those of us for whom Session is their preferred messaging app). I don’t think the existing group that I found fits the bill though.

post the Session url link and maybe we can get it started. It would be more efficient than using the forum for support and IRC is old now.

I hesitated to provide a link to the Session open group (SOG) because, as an unofficial Qubes group, there are trust and expectations of trust issues involved. The Session infrastructure provides E2EE messaging with metadata protection, but SOGs break this model and do not encrypt messages in place on the server. Since Qubes is all about knowing where one’s trust is being placed, I’m reluctant to publicly post a link to a service I myself don’t trust. I’m happy to send the link in a private message though. My personal recommendation would be to first check it out with a new Session ID and from a disposable vm.

Are you saying Matrix has a superior trust model?

No, only that I do not have any trust established in the third party that is hosting this particular SOG. If it was a closed group (hence E2EE), or an open group hosted by Qubes, then I wouldn’t hesitate to publicly amplify the group. That said, it’s not hard to find with a simple search…

I guess the purpose of the original post was to assess the interest in even having an official Session group