Self-contained online multiplayer with a single Qubes PC?

I saw the thread on Quake 3 and had a flash: Self-contained Qubes multiplayer where the PC contains both the server(s) and multiple clients.

I can see some practical uses beyond the ‘just because I can’ factor–a convenient setup for online-only games that already have private server support; emulation; speedrunning; single device multiplayer gaming (split screen or multiple screens)

Anyways, just thought I’d throw this out there to see what happens. I see a non-zero chance for this to be a way to boost Qubes’ visibilty.

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No replies after all these days? Oh my…

Thought that maybe a video of such parallel universes/timelines would be handy. Any progress on an implementation of such a setup?

I recall something similar but implemented with separate wineprefixes. One was acting as a server and several others as clients. They too were supposed to simulate distinct computers but not on such a level as virtual machines provide.

This is the hardest thing to do for a single Qubes PC because you might crash the PC after certain days of updates and need a constant monitoring of that PC. Are you sure want to do that with sys-gui-vpn?