Selective directory mounting from Vault Qube

I have a drive that I use to store the files I need. I use it as a backup as well. It is an important central hub for my most important files.

How can I go about “syncing” or “linking” those files selectively between the Vault Qube VM and another Qube VM without exposing the rest of the files on the drive?

Perhaps I am asking the wrong question, and there is an alternative solution to my problem. Please let me know if that is the case.

I modify the Filecopy policy in /etc/qubes/policy.d/90-default.policy, allowing the appvm to save files in the vault, and the Vault to save files in the appVM.

Then I add a qrexec shell script I can call from the appvm when I need the files to be restored from the vault.

I normally just warp the application in the dvm in a shell script that restore and save the files automatically when I open the application from the start menu.



I think there is several solutions to this question … I have this setup : a backup drive where I want to backup some files from the virtual machines like personal, work, etc. I also have another drive with files I want to access in some of the VMs.

My solution is to use LVM on each drive, with a logical volume for each VM. When I attach a drive to a VM dedicated to this purpose (it’s the equivalent of Vault Qube VM in your case ?), each logical volume become available as a qube block device that I can attach to a VM. Feel free to tell me if you need more details about this.