Selected boot image did not authenticate

Hi - I have burned a 16 GB USB drive exactly as per the Qubes installation guide but when i select that USB drive from boot menu, it gives me the following error message:

" Selected boot image did not authenticate. press Enter to continue"

Does anyone else have the similar issue? What’s the work around it?

You might have secure boot enabled in your BIOS. You need to turn that
off before installing.

Thanks- I managed to dodge the first error after switching off secure boot. When i select my installation media, a black screen opens and runs few commands super fast that i cant even read what’s happening. After that, it goes into a black screen and then nothing happens. I am running intel i7 and intel GPU.

maybe switch from UEFI boot to legacy in BIOS

Have you checked if your machine is in the HCL?

If it is, someone else might have already figured out how to install
Qubes and left some notes. If you click on the name of the reporter,
you’ll get the email / forum post of the original report.

I ran into the same issue booting the installation media from USB drive. Nothing that I read in the installation manual mentioned that you have to turn off secure boot and switch to legacy boot. It seems counterintuitive to turn off security in order to install a secure os, also.

Qubes OS does support UEFI (so legacy boot shouldn’t be needed anymore as far as I understand).

Secure boot does require some signing keys to be available in order to verify the OS that is being booted. Unlike keys that are shipped with your laptop by some OEMs, the keys that would be needed to verify a Qubes OS instance are not available, so secure boot will prevent Qubes OS from booting.

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Thanks - that makes sense. I just wish it was documented in the install guide since I imagine I’m not the only one to hit that snag.