Seeking volunteer(s) for the Qubes hardware compatibility list (HCL) maintainer role

@Sven has been doing a wonderful job as our HCL maintainer for quite a while now, but unfortunately, he will no longer have much time to devote to the task in the future. We are, therefore, seeking one or more volunteers for this role. Sven has offered to write a short guide and help to get the new HCL maintainer(s) up to speed. Please reply to this thread if interested. For more information about how the HCL works, please see:


I’ll be happy to help and am familiar with the HCL, but not with what the role entitles. A short guide or just a simple Q&A session with Sven would help clarify this for me (and possibly others willing to help too). I can spare some time daily to help the Qubes project.


I can help with that, but likely not at 100% involvement. I guess it’s better to spread the tasks among more than one person.


That’s great @flavio and @fsflover! I’ll write the guide next week, it’s really not a complicated task at all. The guide is more a walkthrough on how I made the task easy for myself (tips & tricks). Looking forward to work with you!


Sounds good, @Sven. Happy to help!

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