Unlock Keyring for sys-vpn qube

What password goes here? It’s not the VPN login password.

Rebuilt everything. Now it says ‘unknown error occurred’ so would not connect and when it was connected, gpg said it was downloading unverified programs that it wouldn’t install.

So what is the point of application passwords?
I did the second time. Centuries pw. The gestapo just have chattels…

How do you get an alternate, good download source that gpg would verify?

VPNs are susceptible to corruption and intrusion? How?

These seem relevant: one, two.

This looks like offtopic on this forum, except in the special Category.

Ok, thanks. It just seems overly redundant to put passwords on all applications by default, but maybe I am mistaken. Password on full disk encryption plus on sudo (login, screensaver) and root seem enough if your best practice is centuries to crack and unique pws each time. I wonder if there could be FIDO passes on applications instead…