SecBrowser has been deprecated

Just adding this here in case someone has missed it. (I only became aware of it very recently):

So, a couple of weeks later, anyone have suggested alternative(s)? Some possibilities:

  • Keep using SecBrowser? Website recommends stop using it, but also says there’s no rush to do so…
  • Tor Browser w/o Tor?
  • Latest Firefox? Debian 10 via backports. Has some Tor Browser stuff incorporated…
  • Chromium? Whonix website says Debian 10 version is old and contains already-exploited issues. backports version?
  • Other?

Appreciate anyone’s thoughts…

I don’t see why not. You can simply clone anon-whonix qube and connect it to the clearnet.

Not quite. You will also have to convince Tor Browser to allow clearnet connections, which was recently discussed in this forum and answered by a link to the whonix forum.

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Followed this up on related topic (Using the forum Via Email - #15 by deeplow)

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