Searx and Qubes

Did anyone consider, or even tried to set private instance of searx? How it would impact overall performance?
If acceptable, would it be installed in a separate qube, something like:


Would it be dispVM, AppVM or some kind of a split-cache, I have no clear idea…

Another user attempted this: Writing rc.local as different user

I would assume it’s not run as proxy-vm but rather as a separate appvm.

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Ah, thanks. When the step is in the subject and not a goal… That’s why I didn’t find it when creating topic, but hopefully we will hear some more opinions and experiences, more importantly.

I guess I’ll try it at some point…

Meanwhile, when you said this,

I’m not sure how would I use it? Do you have an idea?

Not familiar with how searx, I may give it a go at some point.
You might have to use socat to open up a TCP channel or you might be in luck if you can reach it via the assigned IP.

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Moved to ‘User Support’ since it is explicitly on-topic there and thereby off-topic in ‘All Around Qubes’.

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