Sdwdate always messing up

I’ll be using qubes/whonix on a vm and it seems every hour or so my sdwdate thing messes up. I try to click restart sdwdate and it doesn’t work. In order to fix it I have to restart tor gui in sys whonix. Also when this happens whatever vm I have open continues to work but any others I open won’t connect until I restart tor gui. This is really annoying. Could this be a wifi issue or something else?

can confirm this happens on wired connection too. are you using bridges too?

Yeah I am. I have it set to connect to obfs4 in the control panel.

But yeah it just happened again. Then it just sits and says it hasn’t finishing preparation or something. Like I said above I have to restart tor gui to get it fixed or it’ll just sit like that forever. I don’t get it… When that happens is it deanonymizing me through whichever vm’s I have open??

Is this Whonix or Qubes specific?

It doesn’t matter - the Whonix devs have asked that Whonix and
Qubes-Whonix questions should go the Whonix forums, where they are more
likely to be seen and properly answered.