SDDM login screen

I installed KDE… but I don’t have an option to change SDDM login screen… What is the folder location of it?? How may I replace the default broken one??

OMG…!! I changed it, but I locked myself out… I can’t login with my pass!!! I’m 1000% sure I’m entering the correct password…

I’ve managed to login with prev SDDM screen… but adding
does change the sddm screen but doesn’t let me login with my password and user… what the heck?? help!!

It’s quite difficult to help because you havent said what version of
Qubes you are running, what was “broken” about the default SDDM screen,
what changes you made in building your new theme, and what error you see
when you are unable to log in.

I think that some inputs will capitalise the first letter of any text
input - obviously this can throw off your password entry.
I would look carefully at the qml files you are using in your theme to
check if you have such. You can cross reference the working themes for

I’m sure you know already but you can run sddm-greeter --test-mode --theme DIRECTORY
to test the look of themes within your current session.