Scrolling issue (ibm usb keyboard with ultranav)

Hi, I have an IBM usb keyboard with ultranav (trackpoint)
It works fine as expected, except a minor issue that keeps it from being perfect.

On other linux systems I can scroll up-down window content by moving the trackpoint up-down while the middle mouse button is pressed down. When doing this, mouse remains at the position where it is, while the content moves.

But on Qubes Os, although the middle button is not dead, the above described way of scrolling content does not work. Any ideas on what to do?

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It’s probably connected with the desktop envoronment. Qubes uses XFCE by default, whereas other Linux systems use something else. You may have a better luck searching how to enable this feature in XFCE, or you can try to install KDE on Qubes.

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Thanks. It looks like it is an issue with input configuration.
what i did was:
i) disable middle button paste: X/Config/Input - Ubuntu Wiki
e.g. xinput set-button-map 14 1 0 3

ii) compare built int trackpoint’s scrolling method and apply the same setting to the external one: say 13 is the built in, 14 is the external

xinput list-props 13
libinput Scroll Method Enabled (336):	0, 0, 1

the external one was missing this method, it was 0,0,0

xinput set-prop 14 336 0 0 1

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