Screensaver issues in sys-gui

Hi All,

Today I have switched to using GuiVM, looks much more mature than it was 1-2 years ago. So I want to stay in the sys-gui.

This resulted in prolonged sessions to remain open and therefore suddenly two issues emerged.
(i) CTRL + ALT + L does not enable screensaver, instead opens the logout menu of the sys-gui xfce session
(ii) After some time, screensaver timer enables xscreensaver with the “user” user, which is not apparently related to the my user in dom0, and cannot be unlocked by entering an empty string as a password.

Could not find a solution to this in the forum, therefore asking here.

(I was able to kill the xscreensaver process within sys-gui, by using the command line, through another tty.)

How to install/use sys-gui (collecting all related information):

IMPORTANT: Do not let the screensaver (the lock screen) kick in before you can reset the password! The password will be unknown once the screensaver kicks in. You must reset the password with sudo passwd user each and every time you boot sys-gui (This is a bug that happens in sys-gui (but not sys-gui-gpu or sys-gui-vnc), that is documented in Make user password persistent in GUI domain · Issue #6740 · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub )”