Screen rotation handling

Hi everybody!

Im have an issue on qubes 4., same issue I had with qubes 3.2

Imagine you have a laptop with touch screen. Like this one:

Everything works fine including touchscreen.

One day you decide to use it as a tablet. Good thing is that xfce configuration in dom0 allows you rotate screen(90 degrees). BUT user input remains the same with touchscreen and the same with the mouse.

Is there a way to change user input → shift it 90 degrees as well as the screen?

Or may be there is a guides on architecture of QubesOS input handling so I can develop some kind of work around?

Many thanks

The input proxy provides “normal” device to dom0. You should be able to configure this device via xinput tool, especially there should be some property for rotation.
I guess “normally” there is some mechanism to let the X server know which touchscreen is associated with which display output, but the input proxy doesn’t pass such information along (and likely that information is provided via some other means than the input device itself, like in the ACPI tables).
This page may be helpful too: Touchscreen - ArchWiki