Screen freezing in Qubes 4.0.4

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The freezing of the screen occured with my installation of R4.0 too. Some internet research showed that this can be a problem with kernel 5.10 on some systems (mine is an HP ElliteBook 840G4 with an i5-7200U processor). Going back to kernel 5.4.88-1 solved this issue; R4.0 is running without problems again.

R4.1 does not show this behaviour and runs fine with the 5.10 kernel, but, on the other hand, some ubuntu istallations do freeze, too.


I’d been running 5.10 on R4.1 from when it was released up until last week and hadn’t encountered any issues. (Not 100% sure it was actually running on dom0 though, since /boot/efi/EFI/qubes/xen.cfg doesn’t exist on that).

If the nouveau.modeset=0 addition doesn’t fix it, I’ll try your suggestion next.

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Update: Qubes froze; reverting changes and switching dom0 to 5.4.88-1. Will update again if it freezes again.

Has anyone filed a bug report on Github? (I don’t have an account there, which is also why I can’t update the documentation)

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I filed a bug report #6458, as it sems that I am not the only one who got caught.


Update: Qubes kernel-latest is now 5.11.4-1. Will update if a freeze occurs

Update: Qubes froze while using 5.11.4-1. This time, the cursor froze along with the rest of the screen. Reverted back to 5.4.88-1

So far, I had no screen freezing with 5.11.4-1 (neither for R4.0.4 nor R4.1), but this might still come sometime …