Samsung Galaxy J4+ Cubes Mobile support

Hi! I am new to CubesOS and its community! And I am looking to install CubesOS on my phone due to privacy and security concerns with other custom ROMS. PostmarketOS can become a hassle if you dont fully know about Mobile OSs and have the commitment to it.

Now the real thing is that, once again, i am looking to install CubesOS on my Samsung Galaxy J4+. Does anyone know any sources or instructions/manuals that i can follow in order to have CubesOS running on my phone? and as an extra, i want to know if I can put “dualboot”/sideload Cubes with a CustomROM. i am also looking to have F2FS formatted onto my internal and SD Card.

You can’t run it on your phone, it can only be used on an IBM PC

Hey Nillify,

I’m afraid but QubesOS is for computers.
See Documentation | Qubes OS and System requirements | Qubes OS in particular.

I asked phindAI about it and claimed that there is. Did it hallucinate then? probably. But my new question is that are there any alternatives to CubesOS? or any “CubesOS certified” ROMs

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The software is named Qubes OS.

As far as I know, there is nothing as such for mobile devices. Those devices are also almost full of proprietary parts, even running an open source project like LineageOS is often challenging.

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I see.
Do you have any recommendations for security and privacy oriented ROMs?

GrapheneOS is one additional but it targets Google Pixel phones

yes but the mobile phone of mine (SG J4+) does not seem to be able to properly support GrapheneOS

The basic question by the OP was answered: Qubes OS is for PC only.

Discussing alternative solutions for smartphones is off-topic here. This thread is closed now.

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A relevant discussion is here (only for users with Trust Level 2 or higher):

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