Salt management_dispvm urllib3 module exception

I’m asking this mostly because it seems to defy the expected behavior based on what I’m reading.

The default fedora-39-minimal template does not ship with the qubes-mgmt-salt-vm-connector package, which appears to be required when running ANY qubesctl salt commands on the targeted template. I essentially see the following:

[root@dom0 srv]# qubesctl --skip-dom0 --targets=fedora-39-minimal --show-output grains.items
          Failed to return clean data
	  ...deleted for brevity
          Traceback (most recent call last):
          [ERROR   ] An un-handled exception was caught by Salt's global exception handler:
          ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'urllib3'
	  ...deleted for brevity

However, installing qubes-mgmt-salt-vm-connector in a cloned template resolves the above.

management_dispvm are the same on both templates, so that’s not the problem.

[root@dom0 tmp]# qvm-prefs f39-m-test management_dispvm
[root@dom0 tmp]# qvm-prefs fedora-39-minimal management_dispvm

I don’t mind installing this package manually so I can use salt to target it, but how would any updates or anything be done on the default minimal template if it can’t even use salt out the box? Am I missing something?

just saw this
This more or less answers my problem. They moved away from salt for 4.2 in favor of qubes-vm-update. Still leaves my original issue in that I’ll need qubes-mgmt-salt-vm-connector to run qubesctl commands on the minimal template, but at least I understand what’s happening now.