Salt configs.. Is it all open source?

I just found out about salts… I have not read much yet, but i understand you can set up some issues like for me that have some issues sometimes… It also saves time… So i maybe don’t need to set up a VPN every time… I can just use salt configs for that???

Is it a trusted open source program that you can have in Qubes, that helps with different tasks like setting up a VPN, or aide or IDS and so on?

take this example. Looks good!

It’s much i don’t know about computers and code!
If it’s all open source code, I can try it out later on! :slight_smile:

if no, why qubes use it (lot of qubes’s function rely on salts)

Open Source? Of course - source is here
It’s licensed under Apache 2.0 License, which is a free software
Trusted? It’s used by Qubes for many things, from initial set up to

I did not know that. thanks

Thanks! Yeah i had no idea about that… Sounds good! And yeah of the source is open on github, it’s open source most of the time if it’s Apache 2.0 License then. I just assumed some that are open on github only have partial code public, but i might be wrong. Good if it’s foss. Open source. I will try it out!

Some people find salt hard to get to grips with.
There are some notes on salt in Qubes with many examples here I have used
in training, which should get you productive very quickly.
They only touch a small part of what salt can do.