Ryzen 9 7940HS and Qubes 4.2.0

I haven’t been able to locate whether or not Qubes final 4.2.0 stable has made progress on the AMD Ryzen9 7940HS. Some here (elqub) have it running but much of the thread is a few years old so I thought maybe a fresh look at this could help some of us.

I have some interest in putting a minisforum unit in a spare bedroom. UM790 Pro with a 7940HS along with Radeon 780M. I know the 7940HS is a zen 4 so I was curious how some members have it running in Qubes but they do!

I am not afraid to do some “crow bar” work if needed, but I have limits. Great on linux but a virgin on Qubes.

This unit will have two separate drives so one will run Windows and “light” gaming. The other drive will be 100% Qubes. I know how to make sure the drives do NOT interfere with each other.

Any new Intel on Ryzen 9 7940HS? I may get this unit anyway for the gaming (light only not hardcore). It would be great though if I could spin up Qubes and learn over time.

Mine is working fine, and with Qubes 4.2 you shouldn’t run into any issues. The thread you reference was started when the chip was just coming out.
If you do get hardware with the chip and it doesn’t work for some reason, try updating the BIOS.

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Lenovo Ideapad 5 Pro with 7840HS here. 4.2 is working okay. Recent xen patch solves problem of ryzen 7000 series and qubes 4.2


This is encouraging news. If I grab a minisforum UM790 Pro (cheaper starting point) and then get some decent screen time with Qubes it would be sweet. After a few months of successful use I could justify a heavier tower unit hoping to take off with Qubes as my daily driver. Doesn’t appear that DDR5 5600 RAM is any issue. This unit uses PCIE4 M.2 so that should be fine too. Think I am going to go with 32 Gig of DDR5. Also the USB4/Thunderbolt3 ports will make backups FAST. The Stats on this thing’s performance look nice.

Any thoughts on the Radeon 780M and how it might play with Quebes?

To be honest, I’ve been struggling with this for some time now.
I’m also trying to install on “Minisforum UM790” with AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS on one of NVME or USB.
The problem is that the screen appears with the choice of installation or test and installation, etc. I select an option and after that, it reboots and returns to the same screen.
After confirming the installation, it does not move forward with the installation, it just reboots and back to the same screen.
On the my older Alienware, everything works as it should, using the same memory hardware or installation file. Installation on SSD/USB/NVME without any problems.
So there is a problem with the processor/780M or bios “Minisforum UM790” with AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS. On the contrary, virtualization process like KVM works great. I have multiple operating systems on 64GB/5600MHz.
Do you have any idea what could be the cause?

I am not sure what your issue may be. I am now planning to buy a Mini PC (Morefine) that comes with the 7940hs. Others here say that Qubes 4.2 now seems to handle the AMD 7940HS CPU so that is not likely the cause of your issues. The zen 4 has been patched and it too is not likely the issue at all. I would definitely check your bios settings and at least make sure that all updates are applied before adjusting anything.

My concerns and the reason I started this thread (the title was poorly crafted) was to examine whether or not the Radeon 780M would play well with Qubes 4.2.0? This is a RDNA3 (12 Core 2800 Mhz) device.

Is there a more “seasoned” member here that would please take the time to post their opinion/knowledge as to whether the Radeon 780M is likely to play well with Qubes “out of the box”? I don’t mind needing to do some minor tweaking such as bios settings, etc… but major stuff may leave me stuck.

These mini PC’s are extremely powerful and fast for the price and take up little desk space so it would be ideal IF it worked well. Morefine is offering an amazing unit with lots of RAM and NVME space for a great price and free shipping! The port positions are also much nicer than the UM790 Pro’s for my needs.

Please anybody???

From what I’ve read on the forum Qubes doesn’t really take advantage of a single integrated graphics. By default Qubes uses the CPU to use software rendering. This is for security reasons. There have been some who try passing a seconded gpu to a specific vm to get better gaming performance but the stability of such a set up may be questionable.

Even the new sys-gui vm is only for security improvements and doesn’t offer GPU acceleration yet. I do remember a presentation at the qubes summit mentioning they will be working on GPU acceleration.


In essence I don’t care if Qubes takes advantage of the graphics only that the graphics don’t prevent Qubes from being installed on the system – without using a crowbar.