Ryzen 7840 or 7940. Who can confirm that it's working?

Looking to buy a Lenovo laptop with 7840hs CPU. Who can confirm that QO is running without issues on that cpu or lenovo ultrabook (lenovo thinkbook)?

Look at Hardware compatibility list (HCL) | Qubes OS and see if you can find it the components (gpu, cpu, etc…) in the list :slight_smile: i did that for my laptop and all was allright :wink:
It’s tedious and not necessarily easy but it was i did…
Perhaps someone have this laptop :slight_smile:

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7840 doesnt work atm from the box, a lot of issues with this CPU were reported lately.

Some people say they had to install 4.2 with experimental updates to make it work, others say they had to update bios, third say nothing works and they had to return laptop. More details needed.

So I want some one here to confirm what they did exactly to make it work.

i see your post :slight_smile: the last answer of the toptic is 2 month ago, wait a while for a new answer, perhaps the problem is resolve now :wink:

Can confirm 7940HS working

Could you please share your exact laptop model and what did you do to make it work?

Here’s the model linked from another thread.

When I got the laptop, I tried installing rc3, but it did not allow me to install it until I upgraded the BIOS.
I’ve seen a few other posts about the 7x40 processors not working. Perhaps updating the BIOS might help in those situations.

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Bios update - means cpu microcode update probably. Notebook manufacturer is responsible for bios updates. Asus has updated microcode in their bioses. I want to buy Lenovo laptop - gonna see release notes of bios updates perhaps they have some info on what they exactly did.

Have you tried install 4.1 after bios update? If no, can you try to install it on some usb for test? If 4.1 is installing is very GOOD news.

Also - how much time your laptop works from battery with QO?

I have not installed 4.1 and I don’t think I will given that 4.2 is officially out.
The laptop itself is know for very poor battery performance. If I modify some of the xenpm values, I have gotten 3 hrs. with only one browser vm open. On average workload, without changing xenpm values, usually about 1 hr.

What is your laptop model?

linked above

Topic closed. With recent patches 7000 series ryzen is working fine on QO 4.2