Running qubes off sdcard

So I have created a bootable USB pen drive and been trying to install qubes on a sdcard that I have attached to my built-in card reader.
Right after I hit begin installation, it pops an error with a bug report button and quite option. But if I install on a usb drive, it installs and runs fine. But I wanna run it off sdcard reader port so that I can use the sys-usb VM.

And on top of that, even if I manage to install it on the sdcard, how do I boot from it? In bios, I can’t seem to see any option that would make the sdcard first bootable device. Of course no OS is installed on the sdcard yet, but it should still show. Right?

Some built-in card readers cannot be booted from. You should search for that to see if that’s the case on your system. (non-qubes related).