Running APKs in QubesOS via WAYDROID or other emulator

Hi all,
I have tried so many things now to run Android APKs on QubesOS - and it is really complicated. Did anyone succeed in running APKs in WAYDROID or any other emulator without too much tweaking? And if so would you mind sharing how?

As per the usual case, it will all depend on hardware. You need 16-32GB RAM for it to be usable.

  • Download Android-x86 - 64bit ISO to a Qube

  • Create StandaloneVM or TemplateVM

  • Set qvm-prefs properties via the terminal:
    virt_mode hvm
    qrexec_timeout 7200
    memory < maxmem > (I use 8192)
    kernel “”

then in the gui, uncheck ‘include in memory balancing’

  • Open the qubes settings > advanced > Boot qube from CD-ROM

  • from file in qube and select the ISO in that qube

  • It should now boot

  • create a new partition to sda1 using ext4. See their website for instructions.

  • after that it should then run Android.

To run it within a larger window, you have to do this.

  1. Boot into Android
  2. ALT + SUPER (windows key) + F1
  3. mkdir -p /mnt/sda
  4. mount /dev/block/sda1 /mnt/sda
  5. vi /mnt/sda/grub/menu.lst
  6. Type ‘i’ to edit and add line ‘nomodeset xforcevesa’ then end of line ‘UVESA_MODE=MODE’ I do 1920x1080 or 1600x1200 on downscaled 4K screen.
  7. type reboot

Note. As there is no hardware acceleration, you cannot watch videos or play games at a smooth framerate, but general using of apps works normally.

Thanks for your reply. Running (R4.1) Android-x86 in a qube is pretty simple - even BlissOS 11.3 works out of the box - but neither BlissOS 14 nor 15 does out of the box.
I was actually looking for a way to run an apk in a “regular” qube based on debian or fedora template. Unfortunately all that was not working for me - WAYDROID does not because wayland is not supported in the templates.
A few days back I installed a regular debian 11 in a standalone qube - gnome comes with wayland support out of the box. There I was able to run WAYDROID - and it is working really really good. But since it is regular debian 11 in an HVM qube there is no “regular qube passthrough” to that qube which is still a little inconvenient.

Saben si se puede utilizar apks tipo movie plus, que quiero ver unas peliculas con QubesOS pero no se si sea algo complicado de hacer.