Run command in a qube

How can I add

“Run command in qube” entry in qui-domain qubes menus, like it exists in context menu in qubes-qube-manager?

New application menu is massively unuseful at the moment, so I’m trying to overcome the need for running apps in dispVMs this way.

You will have to create a new .desktop file that executes the command you want to run.

Alternatively you could invoke qvm-run in a dom0 terminal. qvm-run – Run a command in a specified VM — Qubes Admin client v4.1.25-0-g991e47b-dirty documentation

As for adding (normal) context menu entries: It seems that this can be done with .desktop files a well: Add Entries to the Context Menu - Ask Ubuntu However i am not sure about the qube-manager in particular.

Would be interested if you figured it out!