Run an HTML server in a qube

I would like to use Shaarli (GitHub - shaarli/Shaarli: The personal, minimalist, super-fast, database free, bookmarking service - community repo) on my qubes system.

This will be served by Apache server. So I figured that the way to do this is to have a qube running Apache server that other qubes can access.

Can someone suggest a (relatively) simple way to set this up?

First, you need to have a qube to run the web server, and use the Firewall documentation to access it from other qubes: Firewall | Qubes OS

Now, how do you run apache from a qube? There are multiple solutions, with pros and cons:


create a new Standalone qube inheriting from another one, install apache and your service, but you will have to keep it up to date, and have fun with the OS upgrades.

this is the most vanilla setup, but requires maintenance over time


you could create a new AppVM qube, and store everything in /home/, apache could be started from rc.local, you may need to edit its systemd service to allow /home to be used if it’s hardened a bit (there is a knob to prevent reading /home)

this is the most privilege separation setup, but you need to tinker with Apache

do you mean a standalone qube? i don’t see what benefits a HVM standalone has over a default PVH standalone qube.

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oh yeah sorry :woman_facepalming: I’ll fix the text

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That was helpful about the firewall.

I think I can create a new template and install Apache in the template, and then use an AppVM based on that.