Router/ home network opsec for beginner

I want general privacy/security online. ive been reading on opsec the dnb etc and ive only seen a few things when mentioning your actual hardware. freshtomato or dd-wrt or openwrt or OpnSense/pfSense - are all terms ive come accross when researching this topic but i still have no idea how it all wraps into 1. i feel like ive been living under a rock the past 15 years

Can someone please explain like its to a child. Ive got fibre optic broadband at home with a modem from my isp. my modem connects wirelessly to my devices and also through a cable to the wall/internet. how do routers fit into this and how do i achieve the best security/privacy.

I already have a vpn and have heard of rasberry pi.

I would like to stay private online when doing research or reading on conspiracies. nothing illegal but i like to dive deep. i currently plan to install whonix for tor use.

ps I know a vpn doesnt guarentee my anonymity (im just concerned about my isp knowing every single thing im doing at home and trust my vpn more to not keep logs). Ideally i would want all devices at home to go through vpn including streaming/gaming. any advice to stay protected from hackers with things like the pineapple.

Hi @englishlanguage,

This question is off-topic in the Qubes OS forum, because it is not about Qubes OS.

I’ll close the thread, and recommend you to ask it in one of the forums dedicated to freshtomato or dd-wrt or openwrt or OpnSense/pfSense. :slightly_smiling_face:

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