ROP Based Exploits and Corresponding Mitigations

ROP gadgets are an exploit method which allow for hijacking of control flow even despite data execution

prevention being enabled. One of the recommended mitigations is a compiler option called G-Free. Is there

any chance that the Qubes project would consider addressing this vector by compiling source using this

LLVM compiler option?

@librelifer This is a development-related discussion. The best way is to post it instead on the Qubes-devel mailing list – that’s where the developers are.

would you mind forwarding it? I don’t use e-mail as it’s an insecure protocol

You have used one to register to this forum… And the fact that it’s less secure, won’t mean much because the forum is public and so is the mailing list. If you have concerns about your email address getting published, then you can use an email alias service like simple login (which now is owned by proton).

Everything else is outside of my scope.