Restore Qubes OS 4.2 boot

Dear Reader, I have a question. I used without problem my Qubes 4.2 in a SSD. But my motherboard died. And after i wanted to put the SSD in a new but exactly same motherboard (with the same videocard). But my computer don’t want to boot with this SSD. What can I do? I want to really learn, how to restore it. Thank you very much.

Please provide what does it mean don't want to boot exactly. What messages, errors and all.

If boot process does not even start, it is probably because of missing UEFI boot option for Qubes OS in the motherboard’s memory. You can add it manually using efibootmgr command from some livecd or manually make Qubes OS a default boot option on EFI partition like that: UEFI troubleshooting | Qubes OS

Search for efibootmgr on forum and docs and you will find information about adding boot option to UEFI boot options list.

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