[Resolved] Resolv.conf & openvpn client not resolving

Made an openvpn client Setup via CLI

Howto needs updating as it is not working when it comes to DNS resolution.

I am not able to get the AppVM running openvpn client to change resolv.conf. Adding vpn_dns to the handler script as advised in the howto did nothing. I wonder how others report success with this. Went through the setup a few times with clean AppVMs unsuccessfully.
For now i have to manually modify resolv.conf to find a public DNS and resolv names.

Going to see how far i get with qubes-tunnel. package

Reporting that qubes-tunnel is rather quick & painless install and worked immediately.

Hint: Name resolving will not work on the appVM providing the openvpn network, test from a AppVM going through the sys-vpn.