Resolution display 1024x768 76.0 Hz default. Can t chage it!

I have a laptop HP probook with I5 (10th generation)
All the system work very good until dom0 update.
After that , I had problems with the resolution on my display. I have only one resolution 1024x768 and I’m not able to change it .
Help me please!!!

Hi @bistari,

this happened for me, my graphic card works in 1080p only with the latest-kernel (5.x). When dom0 updated it’s kernel, it switched back to the default kernel (4.x) and on next reboot I got a low resolution display.

If it’s same for you, see the kernel update documentation for updating the kernel and also for setting the default kernel.

If you want to check what is your kernel, see the uname -a command in dom0 terminal.