Request/proposal: (bi)annual project update

Hi all,

I’ve been around a while now, and am happily using Qubes 4.1 as my daily OS. And while I’m happy to see the user base and project slowly growing, for the past year and a half or so especially I’ve found it a bit difficult to get a sense of what the team is focusing on, and how past plans have worked out in practice. And since I’ve recently come across, who produce ~annual reports and roadmaps telling users what they have been and plan to be working on, what’s being phased in and phased out, etc.; it struck me that I’d also appreciate something like this for QubesOS.

Obviously QubesOS is a bit different in that you also do commercial work that you may/not be able to talk about except in terms of how much time is spent on that and why (need for funds?), but it may also help with attracting (community) funding, and perhaps even with the issue of attracting additional developers.

Anyway, my 0.02.

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